Thursday, April 5, 2012

AAR (Against all risks) insurance to help survive the severe winter

Severe frost last winter has caused enormous damage to real estate owners - everywhere there are frozen and broken pipes. Last winter was a real challenge for apartment associations: tons of snow needed to be removed from the roofs and therefore many roofs have suffered - either from the weight of the snow, or from the snow cleaning tools.

Unfortunately, a lot of accidents happen with cars and people in winter, because of the melting snow on the roofs. Those real estate owners, who have signed "against all risks" insurance and liability insurance policies are in better situation. In their case, all the expenses will be covered by the insurance company.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A wise chairman of an appartment association prevents conflicts

The chairmen of the apartment associations have changed - successful chairman is characterized by a good ability to communicate.

The new generation of chairmen has renewed it's principles - they try to prevent conflicts on meetings. Those, who aren't able to achieve this, usually leave their post. Best chairmen try to escape conflicts and are usually highly valued among the members of the apartment association.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Buying an apartment: Apartment associations

Before buying an apartment make sure to also check on the apartment association - what major actions were taken recently and how does the developing strategy for the future look like. The apartment association's activities, which are related to maintenance and renovation of the building have an ultimate role in the process of buying an apartment.

Most of the tasks require considerable funds, and often it is impossible to manage without the help of the bank, which adds additional financial liability to the residents. Before making the purchase You should definitely investigate, if there are some existing financial liabilities and will there come any up in the future.