Monday, March 26, 2012

Selling real estate requires knowledge and time

Relocation is always very individual. The need for a large or a small place is affected by changes in the family - not by the current market situation.

  1. Choose, which is more important for You - the time or the price? Be realistic in Your expectations. Before defining Your price, investigate the market by searching for info from official government sources - not only from the real estate related websites. If necessary, talk to Your broker.
  2. Think, how much money and time are You ready to invest in selling Your real estate ? If You would prefer to sell Your home for a highest possible price, then You must bear in mind, that a lot of work is ahead. Publishing ads on websites is only one small part of the process of selling real estate.
  3. Work as hard as successful brokers : analyze the market situation, publish ads in the most known international websites, find a professional photographer, which will make some quality photos of Your home, share the info in forums and social networks.
  4. One typical advice - clean up, eliminate small defects, and take all the unnecessary stuff in the garage. In case of the presence of potential major flaws, it is recommended to purchase a property insurance policy. Poor first impression when selling real estate can cost you several thousand dollars, and you probably don't want that.
  5. You always have to be polite with Your potential buyers - even if they offend You by their behavior and suggestions. If You have a broker, who deals with Your real estate, he will probably ask You to visit Your friends for the time of introducing the house to the potential buyer. If You sell Your real estate by Yourself, then ask a friend to make the introduction.

In the end I can say that if You have time and will, then You can experiment with selling real estate Yourself, but I sincerely recommend to have a talk with a broker. By talking to a broker You will get a realistic overview of Your opportunities.

If You need the money fast, then You should always go to a broker and be honest with him.

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